Smash Bro’s Ultimate [50/124]

Finished the “Unlock all facilities.” in Adventure Mode last night, putting me at fifty challenges complete.

Currently playing through the Adventure Mode on Normal Difficulty. My main is Lucario, switching to Fox if I need range for whatever reason. Celebi as a Utility Spirit is broken. I’ve used her nigh exclusively since I unlocked her. I’m concerned that she’s a crutch, and is crippling my skill improvement, but that concern is currently overridden by my desire to finish the story quickly.

My right hand hurts from playing too much. It’s cramping up a bit. Gamecube controller adapter should have arrived in the mail today. Looking forward to checking when I get home.

Update: Adapter has not arrived. Apparently Amazon pulled a fast one, and even though I selected two-day shipping, it’s not actually due to arrive until January 22nd. I am mildly irritated at this discovery.

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